• TopmodelCZ Minus Acro and Minus Thermal Gliders

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    TopmodelCZ Minus Acro and Minus Thermal Gliders.

    Although a Minus comes in a bag, it's far removed from the bagged balsa beauties many of us played with when we were kids.

    These lovely kits are of laser-cut balsa and ply components plus all hardware. Just add radio gear, CA adhesive and lightweight heat shrink covering (such as Oralite or Solite) to make great little machines for the slope or aerotow from the flat behind a park flier - the nimble Minus Acro for dart-like aeros or the more gentle Minus Thermal for the lightest of winds and thermal sniffing.

    The build is quick, with all the components fitting like a glove thanks to the better than 1/100mm accuracy of the laser cutting.

    Unlike their bagged predecessors, these fine little machines are probably not for the raw beginner but a careful and precise build will produce fine performers that can even live in their own carry case conveniently ready for a fly at a moments notice.

    Some of our 3 metre composite speed machine owning regulars, local to T9, are building their Minus Acros now - with a view to having some fun competing in baby F3f !!!

    Minus is specifically designed around three SD100 servos but the mad locals are actually shoehorning four of the brilliant value Gening D531BB micro digitals in their Minus Acros.  Gening D531BB

    Here are some useful links with plenty of guidance and info on Minus - ok, maybe not all in English, but use Google translate or just look at the pictures:

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    TopmodelCZ Minus Acro:
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    TopmodelCZ Minus Thermal:
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