• JW Gliders

    We are proad to stock the range of EPP glider kits from JW Gliders. JW Gliders are designed with one thing in mind, Dynamic Soaring. Joe Wurts designed the airfoil to maximize the speed and performance of Dynamic Soaring with an EPP wing. This plane has the torsional strength to withstand the high speeds achieved while DS'ing. Now you can have the performance of a composite plane with the durability of an EPP plane. DSing is not all it can do. It is a fast and fun plane to fly on the front side of the slope too!

    The JW is best dynamic soaring trainer for beginning pilots. Beginner dynamic soaring pilots will crash a lot as they learn how to DS. The robust airframe and durability of the JW dynamic soaring epp foam glider make it the perfect plane to learn with as it allows the aspiring pilot to spend more time flying and virtually eliminates the need for repairs. They key to mastering Dynamic Soaring is stick time. More time at the stick and less time at the workbench doing repairs afforded by the JW greatly shortens the DS learning curve. And unlike a "trainer" plane, you will not outgrow your JW because it has unlimited performance potential.