• FrSky TX Modules

    FrSky Transmitter Modules

          Many R/C enthusiasts want to continue to use their trusted, high quality non 2.4Ghz transmitter and yet would like to take advantage of the easy to use, interference free operation that the most advanced 2.4Ghz system offers.

          The FrSky range of modules are specifically designed and engineered to make the most of all makes and models of non 2.4Ghz transmitters

         The conversion to 2.4Ghz is supremely easy and incredibly affordable!

         ..... To convert Futaba module based transmitters, fit the FrSky DFT module. 

         ..... For JR module based transmitters, fit the FrSky DJT module.

         ..... For all other systems/transmitters the FrSky DHT internal module is available. This is known by FrSky enthusiasts as the 'Hack Module' and requires a straight forward internal fitting procedure but provides exactly the same high quality 2.4Ghz conversion.

          All conversions provide full failsafe setting and come complete with the signature 2.4Ghz short antenna.

          Please note that the modules use FrSky's 2.4Ghz system and are not designed to be compatible with the TF Series of FASST receivers.