• Royal Model Gö-3 Minimoa 3.4M Glider

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    Modelled on a definitive classic, the 3.4M wing span Royal-Model Gö-3 Minimoa is a superb tribute to a machine that still symbolises the amazing innovation in the German gliding and soaring scene during the 1930's.

    Records? Minimoa successfully chased them all at sometime or another.

    Minimoa was a technological marvel of it's time and helped many pilots reach out from the slope and explore huge thermal and wave soaring. It was a critical part of the big step from experimental soaring to pure sport flying.

    With a look like no other, this 3.5M sport-scale Minimoa displays unique character at the field and has superb flying/handling characteristics. For aerotow or the slope, this sailplane is a real experienced enthusiast's joy.

    Minimoa has all the usual Royal-Model ARF quality attributes. A superb fibreglass fuselage, wings and tail components of balsa and ply, fully finished and hand sealed with high quality film, a crystal clear canopy with frame, authentic decals, hardware set and instructions.

    Wingspan: 3400mm
    Length: 1380mm
    Wing area: 72 dm2
    Weight: 2500gm
    Aerofoil section: SD 7055
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder.

    And the name? Are you sitting comfortably?

    It is said that many years ago there was a farmer, who, as he sat at his plough, spent much time gazing at the sky and the clouds. People said that the clouds had a special meaning for him - specially the long stationary cloud that formed across a south wind. This farmer was called Gottlief Motz or in Silesian dialect, "der Moatza Gottl". The long stationary cloud was, of course, the lenticular which formed in the lee of the Giant Mountains (Riesengebirge) near Grunau, now Jezow Sudecki.

    A larger machine had been initially produced called the "Moazagotl", but in many ways proved rather a handful. The smaller and refined Minimoa was born out of that project. So there. ..... :-)

    Available in:  white (reg.no. HB-282) and vintage cream Oratex (reg.no. D-8064)