• Royal Model Feather 1500mm Lightweight Moulded Glider

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    The Royal Model Feather is an all moulded glider of approx. 1500mm wingspan, especially conceived for light conditions on the slope and hand launching in general.

    Feather has a fuselage of carbon/kevlar epoxy, with the one piece, carbon spar wing and V-tail set both moulded from carbon, glassfibre and balsa. The large carbon fibre canopy allows easy access to servos, receiver and battery pack and the straightforward wing attachment is with just two bolts.

    Extremely light and strong, Feather looks great and flies superbly, having been designed from the outset for purpose and then constructed with the usual Royal-Model eye on quality and attention to detail.

    In the hills or on the flat, slope lift or thermal, Feather is great fun and a rewarding machine for every glider enthusiast. You can make her whistle, or you can hand-catch her. Feather makes a great lightweight electric power project - and is superb too, for line launch or bungee.

    Hardware and instructions all supplied - but if you're on 2.4G you'll probably need these too: Antenna Guides

    Wingspan: 1490 mm
    Length: 1170 mm
    Wing area: 24,3 dm2
    Weight (empty): 250 g
    Aerofoil: AG-16ts
    RC Functions: Elevator, Rudder and Ailerons

    Video is HERE and another HERE.

    Credit Card Health Warning: You'll want one ......... ;-)