• Royal Model ASH-26 3M 1:6 All Moulded Sailplane

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    This Royal-Model ASH-26, is a 1/6 semi scale model of the full-size machine designed and manufactured by Alexander Schleicher GmBh.

    With fully moulded fibreglass throughout all major components, ASH-26 has an epoxy glass fuselage with a white epoxy gelcoat, epoxy glass wings and tail, factory installed double-high airbrakes, a clear canopy with canopy frame.

    Designed for experienced glider enthusiasts, ASH-26 has the HQ 3/15 aerofoil wing section and offers very smooth and forgiving flying characteristics but with high performance.

    A hardware set is supplied, as well as decals and instructions.

    For slope soaring, or off the flat on line or aerotow, this model is a very fine performer.

    A great review can be found HERE. It's in German but well worth putting through Google Translate for the information - plus the usual GT giggle. ...... :-)

    Wingspan: 3000 mm
    Length: 1160 mm
    Wing area: 30 dm2
    Weight: 2000 g
    Aerofoil: HQ 3/15
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Flaps, Rudder and Airbrakes