• Reichard Models Lunak LF-107 4M

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    Semi-scale of the Czechoslovak aerobatics glider LF - 107 Lunak This model is designed as an acrobatic glider capable of full aerobatics. Lunak is suitable for slope flying aerotow or take off through winch.
    It was awarded "The Model of the Year 2002" at Model Hobby Fair in Prague.
    Special Features:
    Fibreglass fuselage
    Two-pieces foam/balsa wing
    Fibreglass leading edge
    Wing joiner located in the middle of fibreglass spar
    Wing supported by carbon stripes and fibreglass under the balsa cover. Although the wing is not made from fibreglass it has similar characteristics of stiffness still being very light
    Ailerons and wing flaps fall into two parts - being 6 of them
    Clear canopy
    Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
    Tight covering with all seams hand-sealed
    Includes all necessary hardware
    RC function:
    Rudder elevator ailerons (2 flaps for each side) wing flaps
    Technical Data
    Wingspan : : 4000 mm
    Length : : 1840 mm
    Weight : : 4200 g
    Area : : 1248 dm2
    Airfoil : : E 211
    Recommended Accessories
    Batteries : 5cells NiXX
    Servo : ailerons HS-225MG flaps HS-225MG elevator HS-645MG rudder HS-645MG