• RCRCM Strega 2 2.73M F3f Glider

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    - RCRCM Strega II 2.73M F3f Glider - White+Blue - Scheme 1 - Out of stock
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    RCRCM Strega II 2.73M - brand new design and now in stock at T9HobbySport

    The RCRCM Strega II is the brand new step-change evolution of the original Strega that
    has proven it’s performance again and again, to both racers and sport fliers.

    Strega II redefines that performance with a new wing section and planform.

    Strega II construction has moved forward too - with attention to lightness, stiffness
    and strength, in conjunction with finish and detailing, that competes with far more
    expensive models. Strega II componentry slots together with confidence inducing

    From the first launch, the ultra low drag profile and design of Strega II has it
    tracking straight and true, covering the sky with real purpose. With even more speed available when required, to chase that competitive time or simply just for more fun, Strega II still delivers benign handling and good manners for when the conditions are lighter, and also for landings.

    Strega II will please any pilot, no matter if it's on the slope for some relaxing thermal
    sniffing and aeros tomfoolery, or racing the clock on an F3f course.

    The Strega II will have you always wanting that ‘one more flight’!

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    • Wingspan: 2.73M
    • Length: 1.46M
    • Wing area: 56.52dm2
    • Airfoil: RCRCM Special
    • Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder

    Control Settings: (All measurements at the widest part of the control)

    • Elevator up/down: 7mm
    • Rudder: 7/-5
    • Aileron: 14/-8mm flap mix of 4/-3
    • Snap flap: 3mm at the flap, ailerons TE matching movement
    • CG: 98mm
    • CROW- 90 degree flaps 15 degree up aileron 3mm down elevator
    • Speed settings -1mm reflex Aileron setting 14/-9