• RCRCM Hornet 2M EP

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    The new Hornet from RCRCM now in stock!
    Electric performance!  With just a 35mm outrunner brushless motor Hornet can be fast. Very fast. Around 150km/h achieved in testing.
    A great looking 2M span fully moulded machine Hornet had been specifically sized for the easier installation of more affordable power trains yet retains the sleek lines and aerodynamic efficiencies of it's design family.  
    With a broad speed range in the glide and potentially red hot under power Hornet delivers a perfect sport flying package.  The 2M span makes it easy to keep in touch with at range and flaps provide the facility of CROW braking for accurate arrivals in tight landing areas.
    Looking like some covert footage from an Eastern Skunkworks theres an early video at the following link.  The Cannes Film Festival is probably a no-no and T9 wont be offering the funky wheels.  v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDIyODcwMjIw.html
    Wingspan: 2m
    Length: 1.23m
    Kit weight: 850g
    Flying weight: 1450g
    Airfoil: RC Series
    Wing area: 34.6dm²
    Control surface: aileron flap rudder elevator
    CG: 73.5mm
    Typical High Power Set-up:
    620W - around 200W per pound. (Itll still be fun on 3S too!)
    3542 920kv Brushless Outrunner
    60A ESC
    11x6.5 folding prop
    4S LiPo