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    The third and best film in the Endless Lift series Endless Lift 3 documents the latest trends in R/C soaring.

    This video features an hour and 23 minutes of nonstop gliding action captured during 2 years of filming. Enjoy some of the sports top pilots and experts in this highly entertaining and educational video. If you are looking for a film with a wide variety of cutting-edge soaring action then the Endless Lift 3 DVD is the perfect choice. Its one of our best selling DVDs to date.

    The DVD edition features incredible picture quality and sound full color box art and previews of some of our other films.

     POWER ON!
    Coverage of the recent F5B Electric Worlds where planes from 10 countries power up to over 180 mph. Includes full explanation of F5B planes and tasks.

    Four time World F3B and National soaring champion Daryl Perkins sit's down withPaul Naton at Visalia for a rare interview. They chat about the recent worlds soaring contests DS and a few other controversial subjects.

    Visit the big Scale Soaring Society Aerotow event just held in L.A. and enjoy the 1/2 and 1/3 scale vintage and racing sailplanes. Cool footage of some of the countrys best gliders.

    Electric sailplane expert Dieter Mahlein shows you the latest in E-Powered high performance gliders and equipment. Flight demos of the Stratos e-powered slope racer and footage of 27 and 7 cell F5B planes slope flying with -lift assistance-.

    Experience the ultimate thermal duration contest; Cross Country soaring at the big Montague Challenge. Watch the guys go for 100km. as they fly from the backs of pickup trucks!

    Endless Lift visit's Discus/Sidearm launch pioneers Phil Pearson and Dick Barker at the Northwest Regional championships. A fascinating look at the evolution of this new throwing technique with some looks at some of the new glider design criteria.

    Alan Cocconi designs his own incredibly advanced R/C computerized flight systems. He flies his e-powered sailplane to illegal altitudes with his 20 channel information/TV/GPS downlink system. See it all work! Mind blowing . . .

    Dynamic Soaring continues to grow and evolve. For the first time on video see FRONT SIDE dynamic soaring recently discovered. Also featured flying is Pat Bowman’s DS foamy the JW and Paul Natons 173 mph DS run at Kiona Butte.