• Endless Lift

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    If you have ever dreamed of packing up your planes throwing them in the car and taking off-cross country in search of perfect lift then this film is for you. Endless Lift has received rave reviews from glider guys around the world.

    You will follow expert R/C soaring pilot Paul Naton on a once-in-a-life-time 30000 mile flying adventure around the United States. This professionally produced high quality DVD showcases unusual and spectacular flying sequences from every corner of the nation. See unbelievable R/C soaring action like gliding over bridges slope flying in formation with a hundred buzzards handlaunch flying off a glacier in Montana and other crazy stunts. "Endless Lift" also features a digitally mastered sound track to compliment the great soaring scenes.

    This film is guaranteed to amaze and inspire anyone involved in R/C soaring. Even non-flyers kids girlfriends and wives will enjoy this video adventure story.


    • Slope flying across bridges in the Florida Keys over open ocean!

    • Sloping in formation with huge buzzards.

    • Hand Launch thermaling at the Kitty Hawk National Monument.• Flying at the Washington Monument Washington D.C. • Heavy-air sloping at Cape Cod National Seashore.
    • Mountain thermal flying in Maine.

    • Amazing Full-Scale Aero-Towing shots of the 15 Meter Nationals in Pennsylvania

    • Handlaunching from ice fields at 10000 feet in the Montana Rockies.
    • Spectacular lift at infamous Eagle Butte Washington State.
    • Vintage footage of downhill car flying from Maul Hawaii
    • Speed runs at Heavens Gate a secret monster slope in Baja Mexico.
    • Sloping a huge Volcanic caldera at Crater Lake Oregon.
    • And of course killer footage of Californias famous Torrey Pines with scale ships and slope racers and much more.......