• N2 Industries Airspeed FrSky Smart Port Sensor

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    Airspeed Smart Port Sensor for FrSky TARANIS

    This airspeed sensor from N2 Industries, is designed to work with FrSky Smart Port equipped receivers and allows the monitoring of true air speed on the FrSky TARANIS transmitter.

    The sensor MUST be used with FrSky X Series receivers, and with V1.99 or newer firmware installed on TARANIS

    This pitot tube equipped airspeed sensor has a range of 7mph to 225mph (11kph to 360kph equivalent).

    All that's required is for the pitot head to be fitted, the sensor plugged in, and ASPD selected in the TARANIS telemetry screen - with the sensor needing no calibration as it already comes factory set. A custom function can then be selected and set to read out speed to the operator.  

    Also, data from the ASPD can be set to trigger mixes or events at particular values - such as deploying landing gear at a low speed, the triggering of an audio stall warning or not allowing the deployement of landing gear at high speed.

    The full N2 kit is illustated and contains, sensor, pitot tube, pitot cover, 3 feet of silicone tubing, and full instructions.


    • Input: FrSky Smart Port
    • Power Supply: 4.2 - 6 volts (Exceeding the maximum value will irrepairably damage the sensor and void warranty)
    • Airspeed Range: 7mph to 225mph (11 to 360kph equivalent)
    • Pitot Tube: Pitot-Static Tube (Prandtl) type, weighing 3gm with a length of 80mm and diameter 4mm.
    • Pitot Connection Hose: Clear silicon, 1000mm long), 1.5mm ID, 2.5mm OD
    • Sensor Unit Dimensions: 45mm x 18mm, with the electronics factory calibrated and requiring no user calibration.