• Leopard 5055 Series

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    T9 are pleased to offer a range of powerful high quality but sensibly priced brushless outrunners from Leopard Hobby.

    The T9 range includes sizes and specifications to suit most applications.

    These are precision CNC machined motors, dynamically balanced and featuring fully toughened and hardened, large diameter shafts through high quality and user-serviceable ball races.  They run smoothly and quietly with minimal vibration.  Exceptional heat dissipation is achieved with specifically designed end plates - and for their exceptional power, they are lightweight and low current.

    Every T9 Leopard motor can be directly firewall mounted and is supplied with a complete hardware kit with connectors and that also includes cross mount, extra hardware and prop adapter for rear mounting too.





    Model LC5055-6T LC5055-8T
    KV (RPM/Volt) 720KV 560KV
    No-load Current (7.4V) 2.4A 1.6A
    Lipo Cell Count 3-5S 4-6S
    Max Permissible Current (A) 58A 55A
    Running Current (A) <52 <50
    Resistance  0.0164 0.0277
    Diameter / Length (mm)  49.2 / 53.0 49.2 / 53.0
    Length of shaft extension 20mm 20mm
    Shaft Diameter 6.0mm 6.0mm
    Weight 270g 270g
    Power 1220w 1160w
    Pull 4.5kg 4.2kg
    Prop size (inches) 14 to 15 14 to 15