• Gening D531MG Digital Nano Servo

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    Gening D531MG Digital Nano servo - tiny, lightweight, powerful and precise.

    The torque listed for D531G (and D541BB/MG) is "DYNAMIC" torque which is different from the "STALL" torque promoted by most manufacturers.

    "DYNAMIC" torque is the force that can actually move the control surface and is not just holding the position. The stall torque of D531 and D541 series is easily over 1.2kg.cm.

    Gening D531BB Servo

    • Full AVCS Gyro DS mode compliant
    • Torque: 0.5kg.cm @4.8V
    • Torque: 0.6kg.cm @6.0V
    • Speed: 0.09sec/60degrees@4.8V
    • Dead Band Width: ≤3us
    • Current Draw: Idle:0.12A; Running:0.32A; Stall:0.42A@4.8V
    • Servo Lead Gauge: 30#
    • Micro Coreless motor
    • Bearing Type: Top Ball Bearing
    • Dimensions 19x17.5x8mm
    • Weight: 3.9g

    Please note: D531 and D541 series nano digital servos are not recommended for constant operation at 6V. This may damage the micro coreless motor permanently.