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TOPMODELcz Avia 2.5M EP Competition Glider

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Topmodelcz Avia 2.5M is a performance electric powered sailplane for sports and competition flying in RCEN, RCEO and RCE7 categories.

Experienced pilots will be particularly delighted by its excellent flight qualities, afforded by the thin wing aerofoil and light weight - but it's overall characteristics make Avia a great general sport model too.

Thanks to the large wing area and generous tail moment, Avia provides stable and efficient glide performance. Avia is fully equipped with flaps and ailerons, so full span camber change can be used for reflex speed mode and cambered lift mode - and also, CROW (butterfly) braking for tippy-toe, spot landings.

The wing spar is carbon fibre giving the wing excellent strength and stiffness.

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Kit Features:

  • Lightweight fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fibreglass.
  • Two piece, balsa framework wing (with joiner and spar made of carbon fibre), factory covered with genuine Oracover®.
  • Tailplane components are also balsa framework with carbon spar and also covered with Oracover®>
  • Top quality accessories and decal sheet.
  • Complete assembly manual with step-by-step illustrations.

RC Functions: 6 servos - Ailerons, Flaps, V-Tail plus Motor Control.

Manufacturers Equipment Examples:

6 micro servos - HS-82MG for flaps, HS-65MG for ailerons and tail.
Motor: MVVS 2.5/1120 / AXI 2814/12
ESC: 40A
LiPo: 3S1P 2000 to 3000mAh

For the Topmodelcz Avia manual: click here