• Frsky S6R Receiver

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    - Frsky S6R Giro Receiver EU LBT ACCST V2 2 in stock
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    Please Note stock is coming in with ACCST V2 firmware and are listed accordingly. You can select flash them back to the Original ACCST firmware if have not updated your Transmitter to ACCST V2.


    Frsky S6R Receiver is compatible with all Frsky's transmitters and modules but has additional functions, Gyro Accelerometre that can be programed via the Frsky STK cable and software or directly from the Horus X12


    Number of Channel:6CH(1-6CH from conventional channel outputs)

    Size: 47.42mm x 23.84mm x 14.7mm

    With RSSI output on board:PWM voltage output(0~3.3V),100HZ,1500±500uS

    Operating Voltage Range:4.0-10V

    Operation Current:100mA@5V

    Operating Range:full range

    Gyro Measurement Range:±2000dps

    Accelerometer Measurement Range:±4g

    Firmware Upgradable




    Built-in a three-axis gyro and three-axis accelerometer sensor module
    With RSSI PWM output (0~3.3V) on board
    Built-in battery voltage sensor
    Smart Port enable

    Frsky S6R Receiver