• Servo Output Bearing Kit - S3150 S3155 Airtronics 94761Z

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    - Servo Output Bearing Kit - S3150 S3155 Airtronics 94761Z Out of stock
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    This is a counter-bearing to provide servo output support for use with Robbe/Futaba S3150 and S3155, as well as Airtronics 94761Z.

    Ideal for DS, Speed and F3x machines, the bearing can be glued into the wing with or without a servo frame, in order to provide rock-solid servo head support. When used with quick replacement frames, the servo can still be removed within seconds.

    The bearing can be used in combination with servo frames such as type 13 (JR DS 368) or type ATX (Airtronics 94761) - (the special screw fits all servos with a M3 thread). For the latter application, the installation height should be adjusted by glueing 1mm plywood under the bearing (but not the frame). The complete unit is still not thicker than the servo itself.

    The special screw fits the following servos: Robbe/Futaba S3150, Airtronics 94761 Z, JR 378, Graupner DS 3068, DS 3288, DS 368

    Supplied individually as a single servo kit that includes: bearing housing, ball race, the special screw that connects the servo output with the bearing) and a screw-wrench