• Reichard Models Mandarin 3.6M

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    Mandarin is a 3.6 metre wingspan competition model designed for the FAI F5J category.

    A sightly larger development of the Reichard Cirrus, the materials used for its construction are especially selected to achieve optimum strength and weight.

    Mandarin is one of the lightest machines in its class, with a winners efficiency and handling - but still makes a superbly relaxed and extremely imposing sport flier, for the flat and the slope.

    Functions are: Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps and Motor Control


    • Fuselage nacelle constructed from carbon and carbon-Kevlar tube
    • Balsa covered foam core wings
    • 2 piece carbon fibre reinforced wing
    • Prepared servo holes
    • 2 carbon wing joiners
    • Fin and stabiliser are composite structures with lightweight control surfaces
    • Genuine Oracover used for covered surfaces
    • Kit includes all necessary hardware

    Wingspan: : 3600 mm

    Length: : 1730 mm

    Weight: : 1250 g

    Area: : 86,5 dm2

    Airfoil: : AG 26-27

    A motor of 300W+ is recommended