• RCRCM Typhoon 2 Metre Moulded Glider

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    Typhoon X Tail: a 2-metre rocket ship!
    Typhoon earned its name because it was designed during the worst part of the strongest Typhoon to hit Taiwan in the last decade. Trust me – it was scary.
    Aimed at the flyer who has made his bones on smaller ships and now wants something with higher potential, the Typhoon offers sparkling slope performance, but turns into a pussycat when thermalling. For experienced flyers, the plane handles like a dream, has no vices and yet is capable of amazing performance in the right hands.
    Able to fly in almost any conditions and equipped with a full house complement of ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps, the Typhoon can perform leisurely aerobatics or be made into a hair-raising, jaw-aching rocket by the addition of ballast, yet it will slow down to hand-catch speed for landings.
    Made from CNC generated moulds, and supplied with a full kit of small parts and a massive 20mm ballast tube, Typhoon is constructed to the highest standards of fit and finish.
    Typhoon is a real all-rounder, yet it will fit on the Parcel shelf of most cars.
    Design By RCRCM Aero Team. 
    Span: 2.0m
    Length: 1.2m
    Weight: 950g
    Wing Aerofoils: RC blended
    Tail Aerofoil: SD8020
    Typhoon instruction Manual
    Typhoon X Tail: an ELECTRIC 2-metre rocket ship!
    Typhoon hardwares
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    Supplied Parts list:
    Moulded Plug in wings
    Carbon wing joiner
    Moulded fuselage
    Moulded Plug in tails
    Tail bellcrank – installed
    Control rods - installed
    Radio tray
    Ballast tube
    Control horns and clevises
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