• RCRCM Sunbird

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    Pure glider or electric power!

    Sunbird 60” – a lot of sailplane in a very portable and attractive package.

    Produced from CAD design and CNC generated moulds, this little-big glider was designed to deliver a performance to please all potential flyers - from novice to expert.

    Sunbird is easily transportable – quickly de-rigged or assembled, it can fit on an average car parcel shelf. Convenience, with no compromise on performance.

    The aerofoil section is comparatively very advanced for this class of glider, and gives a very wide speed range in an equally wide range of wind conditions.

    Fully kitted out with Flaps, Ailerons, all moving Elevator and Rudder, Sunbird's control surfaces are optimized in size for excellent authority and precision throughout aerobatic madness, right down to CROW braked, tippy-toe landings in the tightest of landing areas.

    Sunbird is an easy fit-out too. The easy access radio bay is large enough to enable installation of the servos, radio and battery pack without having to resort to micro surgery, but the aethetic isn't compromised with this and the Sunbird design maintains a pleasing and balanced shape.

    Remember the old adage: “If it looks right, it flies right”? Well that is really true with this little pocket-rocket.

    Flight tests in a wide range of conditions have revealed a very good turn of speed, high maneuverability, no bad habits, and very controllable landing characteristics.

    For the expert and novice alike the Sunbird represents a lot of “big” sailplane features in a small attractive package.


    Wing span: 60” (1.52m)
    Wing section: RC series
    Length: 0.9m
    Weight: 600g
    Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator and Rudder.

    Hardware set supplied.

    T9 servo tray and ballast tube set available here: Sunbird Accessories

    There is a manual here: Sunbird Assembly