• RCRCM MiniVec

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    Mini Vector…son of Vector!

    Following the enormous success of our Vector III – now a classic we decided to go a step further yet back with the Vector Mini – or to give it a buzz name MINIVEC!
    Designed to have all the plus points of its dad the vector III and none of the niggles
    So what’s so special?
    The wings and tail planes have been curved yet retain the classic Vector look, the fuselage is softened with a larger, more curvaceous fin and the ballast now sits in the wings. Basically the clean design, affordability and plain good looks make this a plane that anybody would want in their stable.
    Well for something that breaks down into a package that can easily be taken anywhere, the flight performance is simply stunning – period. Any aerobatic maneuver that is possible for a sailplane to perform is accomplished with ease, and unlike it dad, the Minivec will tumble if outrageous control movements are your bag.
    This is simply an affordable bundle of fun with a cool new look that we hope will become as much of a classic as its dad.
    Design By RCRCM Aero Team. 
    Options include:
    Wing/tail/fuselage bags
    Wiring harness
    Span: 1.69m
    Length: 1.0m
    Wing Aerofoils: RC Series
    Tail Aerofoil: NACA009
    Minivec hardwaresMinivec SETTINGS (Please note servo tray and ballast tube are sold as an option for this model)