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TOPMODELcz Pegasus 2M X and V-Tail Light Thermal EP Glider

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Topmodelcz Pegasus 2M is a performance electric powered sailplane for sport and competition flying.

Important note: Pegasus has been available in two versions; the Pegasus 2 at 1999mm wingspan and the original Pegasus at 2050mm wingspan. In all other respects the versions are identical. The newer, revised, smaller span was merely for compliance in a specific class of competition.

Either version makes an excellent general sport machine, with perfectly comparable performance.

Please also note: The latest version of Pegasus 2 is now available in a choice of V-Tail and X-Tail.  The V-Tail is now also illustrated opposite but all other features remain the same.

With it's thin wing section, light weight, large wing area and boom length, Pegasus delivers an excellent stability and glide performance that will satisfy sport fliers and competition experts alike.

High performance thermal soaring and precision landings are all in the Pegasus repertoire due to the mixable flaps and ailerons.

The carbon fibre wing spar gives the wing great strength and stiffness.

Kit Features:

  • Lightweight fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fibreglass, with carbon boom.
  • Two piece balsa framework wing is covered with genuine Oracover® and has a wing joiner and wing spar made of carbon tube. 
  • Tailplane components are also balsa framework with carbon reinforcement and covered with Oracover®. 
  • Top quality accessories and decal set.
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations.

Manufacturer's Equipment Guide:

  • Motor: equivalent AXI 2208/34
  • Battery: LiPo 2S1P 1300 -1700mAh
  • ESC: 33A
  • Prop: folding 10x6 with 34mm spinner
  • Servos: HS-55 rudder and elevator, HS-65MG flaps, Ripmax SD100 ailerons

Topmodelcz Pegasus 2050mm Assembly Manual - click here 

Topmodelcz Pegasus X-Tail 1999mm Assembly Manual - click here 

Topmodelcz Pegasus V-Tail 1999mm Assembly Manual - click here