TopModelCZ Marabu 2.75m Powered Glider

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Top Model's new addtion to their fleet the Marabu as good as it looks, available in Xtail or Vtail version. Gentle, smooth, and very long flights are the standards for this beauty. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. The synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual in a production sailplane and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction. The entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. The wings as well as stabilizer are all balsa built-up with Carbon Fiber main spare and leading edge. The fuselage is gel-coated fiberglass with white finish. Whole model is covered with Oracover. All control surfaces are hinged with adhesive tape. This fully built sailplane needs only basic assembly and motor/radio installation. The two piece wing and horizontal stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. Each part is carefully hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Many expert pilots will be particularly surprised by its excellent flight qualities, given by the thin wing airfoil and weak weight.
Thanks to large area length the model has calm and steady gliding. There are several possibilities how to mix the functions of the flaps (high performance thermal soaring, spot landing etc.).

RC equipment:

5 channel, 7-channel receiver
6 servos HS 82MG for flaps, elevator & rudder
Motor: MVVS 3,5/960
Controller: Jeti Spin 44
Battery: LiPol 3S1P 2,6Ah

  • Lightweight fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fiberglass + blue tinted fiberglass canopy
  • Two-piece wing is made in balsa framework with wing joiner, leading edges and wing spar made of carbon and covered with Oracover®
  • Tailplane are made in a balsa framework with carbon spar and leading edges and covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality accessories (servo covers, servo mount, rods, ending ties, control horns, tape for sticking flaps, fiberglass motor mount, plywood servo mount to the tail,...)
  • Decal sheet
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations