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TOPMODELcz Grafas Maxi 3.52M Lightweight EP Thermal Glider

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TopmodelCZ Grafas Maxi 3.52M is a light thermic, electric powered glider.

Although specifically designed to deliver the exceptional performance required for F5J competition flying, Grafas Maxi has the manners and flight qualities that also make it a forgiving and impressive sport flying machine.

Wing spars and leading edge of carbon fibre provide exceptional wing strength and stiffness. The fuselage is carbon fibre reinforced to maintain lightness but with good strength and resilience.

All pilots will be impressed with the excellent flight qualities of Grafas Maxi. Efficiency is provided by the thin wing airfoil and light weight, the calm and steady glide by virtue of the long fuselage.

With ailerons and powerful flaps, the Grafas Maxi wing can be very effectively configured for exceptional thermal performance, penetration into a breeze and also spot landings.

With the recommended gear train set or equivalent, performance in powered climb is fantastic, and yet the unpowered soaring efficiency is maintained due to the overall light weight and wing efficiency. With careful thermal flying, flying time can be counted in hours rather than in minutes.

RC equipment:

  • 4x micro servos for ailerons and flaps (Hitec HS 85MG)
  • 1x micro servo for elevator (Hitec HS 82MG)
  • 1x micro servo for rudder (Hitec HS 82MG)

Manufacturers Power Train Guide:

  • Motor: MEGA Acn 22/30/3E
  • ESC: 60-80A
  • Spinner: Ø 40mm
  • Propeller: 14/9"
  • Accu: 3S LiPo - 2200mAh to 3200mAh

Kit contents:

  • Light fuselage (carbon reinforced) moulded in white tinted epoxy fibreglass.
  • Balsa framework three-piece wing covered with covered with genuine Oracover® with carbon wing joiner, leading edges and wing spar.
  • Tailplane is also balsa framework with carbon spar and leading edges and also covered with genuine Oracover®.
  • Top quality accessories and hardware.
  • Vinyl CNC cut stickers.
  • Complete assembly manual with step-by-step illustrations.

Topmodelcz Grafas Maxi 3.52M EP Glider Manual: Click here