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TOPMODELcz Flip 2M Aerobatic EP/Pure Glider

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TopmodelCZ Flip 2M is a design focused on aerobatic agility, configurable as a glider or for electric power, for sport or competition flying.

The fuselage is supplied as a pure glider - but provision for EP is made with an included ply-box template for the neat and accurate removal of the nose in preparation for motor fitment.

The two options for Flip provide aerobatic flying on a slope or on the flat and the pure glider version will still perform superbly on the flat using aero tow, if a tow release mechanism is fitted.

For the EP version, Flip is designed to easily accommodate a 3S LiPo of capacity 2000 - 3000mAh.

Flip is an agile and responsive flier allowing precise maneuvers. which readily responds to control commands. Due to the large area of the fuselage sides, Flip handles maneuvers such as multi-point rolls and knife-edge with ease. On the slope or flat, in slope lift or thermal, Flip delivers a surprisingly good performance.

The wing structure is balsa-skinned polystyrene, with a strong integral spar and fibreglass reinforcement. The hull is pristine white fibreglass, complete with fibreglass canopy.

The all-moving stabiliser is balsa construction with carbon spar and leading edge and easily removable for transport. The rudder is also balsa construction.

RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and optional Throttle

Equipment Recommendation/Guide:

  • Motor: MVVS 4,6/840 sport
  • ESC: 60A
  • Spinner: 40mm diameter.
  • Folding Propeller: Aero Naut 13x11"
  • LiPo: 3S, 2000-3000mAh
  • Servos: 2x HS-82MG – flaps and ailerons, 2x HS-485 – elevator and rudder

Kit Features:

  • Fibreglass fuselage, with a large fibreglass canopy for easy access.
  • 2 piece, balsa skinned, polystyrene wing.
  • 2 piece, balsa construction elevator/stabiliser (with carbon spar and leading edge) removeable for easy transportation. 
  • Rudder is balsa construction.
  • All surfaces are covered with genuine Oracover ®.
  • Quality harware is supplied, with a large decal sheet.
  • Complete, fully illustrated instructions.

TopmodelCZ Flip Manual - click here