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TOPMODELcz Fantasy 3.2M High Performance EP Sailplane

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TopmodelCZ Fantasy 3.2M is a high performance electric powered sailplane, perfect for introduction to F5J style flying - a mix of F3J thermal category and F5 electric. So, no winch, no line - just launch and power to altitude to sniff the lift out.

Fantasy is fully equipped with flaps and ailerons, so full span camber change can be used for reflex speed mode and cambered lift mode - and also, CROW (butterfly) braking for tippy-toe, spot landings.

The flexibility of Fantasy makes her an excellent sport flier - thermalling from the flat or soaring the slope.

Kit Features:

  • Fuselage and cabin moulded out of glassfibre/epoxy with gel-coat finish.
  • Epoxy/glassfiber hollow moulded horizontal stabilizer and fin.
  • Foam core wing panels, balsa skinned with hard wood spars, reinforced with carbon and glass fibre tapes and beautifully covered in genuine Oracover®.
  • The control surfaces are completely reinforced with fibreglass to avoid twists.
  • The wings are in three parts to facilitate the storage and transport.
  • Hardware kit, C.A.M. formers and various wood parts, plus fibreglass motor mount.

A step-by-step assembly handbook is included.

Equipment required:

4 micro servos for ailerons and flaps, 2 servos for rudder and elevator, brushless motor, ESC, 4S 3.2 to 4.5Ah LiPo