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TOPMODELcz Bliss 1.97M EP Light Thermal Glider

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The TopmodelCZ Bliss 1.97M is a light thermal glider with EP.

Bliss delivers excellent thermal flight at an unbeatable combination of quality, price and performance.

The balance of performance and flight qualities from the thin wing aerofoil section and light weight, will delight experienced fliers, yet Bliss has a stable and forgiving nature making it an ideal general sport machine.

With only a modest propulsion set, around 8 minutes of motor time are entirely possible, allowing for plenty of thermal hunting.

Suggested Servo Set:

  • 2x HS-65HB - tail, 2x Ripmax SD150 - ailerons.

Typical Power Set:

  • 28mm Brushless Motor.
  • 35A ESC.
  • 2 -3S LiPo 1800 - 2200mAh.
  • 30mm dia.spinner, 9x5 Aero Naut folding prop.

Kit Features:

  • Fuselage: white gelcoated fibreglass pod with carbon fibre boom.
  • Canopy: metallic blue, gelcoated fibreglass.
  • Wings: 3 parts, all balsa built up framework, expertly covered in Oracover®.
  • Tail Components: balsa framework, also covered in Oracover®.
  • Hardware, vinyl stickers and step by step building instructions all included.

For the TopmodelCZ Bliss 1.97M Manual: click here