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TOPMODELcz Albatros 2.44M Glider/EP

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Topmodelcz Alabatros 2.44M is a high performance pure thermal or electric powered glider for sports and competition flying.

Like it's slightly bigger brother, the Topmodelcz Albatros 2.96M, the fuselage is supplied as a pure glider - but provision for EP is made with an included ply-box template for the neat and accurate removal of the nose in preparation for motor fitment.

The white gel-coated, fibreglass fuselage with carbon reinforcement, combined with classic balsa/ply D-tube wing and carbon/balsa built up tail parts come together to make the Albatros such a strong and light model.

Don't be fooled by the classic looks. This model was designed and built to be a 21st century favourite. With its flap equipped, 2 piece wing and full flying elevator the Albatros is one of the most impressive models that we have seen in quite some time. Each part is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail. As soon as you open the box, you will find the Top Model build quality that has come to be expected by customers.

A high quality, perfectly proportioned, extremely elegant combination of classic design and modern technology.

Kit features:

  • Elegant gel-coated white, fibreglass fuselage and FG canopy.
  • Two-piece wing with ailerons and large, powerful flaps.
  • Rear carbon sub spar for added wing strength
  • Removeable tail surfaces with carbon spars and leading edges.
  • All expertly covered with genuine Oracover.
  • Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations.

RC Functions:

Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Flaps (plus optional Throttle)

Manufacturers equipment recommendation guide:

Motor: AXI 2814/12
ESC: 45A 
Spinner: 40mm
Folding propeller: Aeronaut CAMcarbon 11x7"
LiPo: 3S, 2600 - 3000mAh
Servos: 4x HS-82MG - flaps and ailerons, 2x HS-475 - elevator and rudder

TopmodelCZ Albatros 2.44M Manual - click here