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TOPMODELcz Adriana 2.06M EP Glider

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TopmodelCZ specifically designed Adriana 2.06M for the French Electro 7 competition category. This combines 10 minutes duration with minimum motor use, followed by a precision landing.

From the outset, Adriana has proven a a competition winner - but the requirements for fast climb and excellent gliding characteristics in very varied weather conditions, has also produced an excellent model for the sports flier, with the thinner aerofoil section greatly assisting penetration into wind and powerful, effective flaps providing safe and accurate landings.

This quality kit features:

  • Fuselage and winglets of epoxy fibreglass with gelcoat
  • 2 part wings for easier transport and storage
  • The balsa framework wings are covered with genuine Oracover® with ailerons and flaps already cut and finished
  • V tail sections are also balsa framework and covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality accessories included, plus assembly manual with step by step illustrations

RC Functions: 6 servos - Ailerons, Flaps, V-Tail plus Motor Control