TJIRC Knief 1 Metre Hotliner Glider

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The Knief is very light, but it has strong 1pc wing to maintain the overall strength of the aircraft. Aircraft performance is very good, very directionally stable at high speed, very good at low speed glide, very low speed landing with the flaps deployed. The aerodynamic shape is perfect.

The center of gravity position in front of the wing screw 5 mm (5-10 position is no problem). Aileron take-off and landing rudder angle (+6 mm), flight rudder angle (+4 mm), flaps landing and landing down 4 mm, speed flying up 1 mm, elevator (+3 mm)

The original designs for 3s battery, and the actual achievable speed 300km/h. If you want faster try using 4s battery we would love to hear how it went!





Wing span:100cm