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“Your slope just got a little smaller...”

The HP60 is not just a scaled-up version of it's little brother. Instead of an overall embiggening of the planform we spanned the 48" Halfpipe templates to 60" resulting in ahigher aspect wing with even less sweep at the trailing edge.

The HP60 comes with a monster tapered carbon spar system (aka golf club shafts) coupled with a beefy custom pre-angled 15" spar joiner made from T6-6061 aluminum and with a 5" steel center... it is very likely one will never be broken. All combined this is THE most torsionally rigid EPP wing we have ever felt pre covering and with excellent weight distribution. Depending on your intended use and building techniques it can only get stiffer. While not shown in the below pics the wings also come with pre-cored chambers for the provided lead balance weight (8) 35 gram 1" slugs.

NCFM spent quite a bit of time redesigning the tail mount system. The old molded version was prone to breakage of the carbon boom and we received repeated complaints about the cost of replacing the boom. So the decision was made that the best solution for the tailmount was to use a beefed-up version of the Coroplast system used on the Halfpipe. The HP60 Coroplast mount is bigger and thicker and balsa Fin stock has been stepped-up to 3/16" versus the 1/8" on the littler HP. (As addressed in the manual DS guys may want to reduce the fin planform area by about 30-50% and potentially go split-fin as with the Blutos given the opposing flight loads; the stock tail config is more intended for heavy frontside loads).

 This plane is intended strictly for medium to heavy air. If you only fly little pink "girly hills" please opt for another bird. In light conditions on smaller slopes you CAN get this plane to flick if pushed too hard on a turn in meager lift. It is simply the nature of a higher wing loading design balanced with a slightly swept LE to keep nose weight/mass distribution at the absolute minimum. In bigger air on bigger slopes this plane honestly rocks. It will grip and bite turns beautifully with great energy--you just need a bit more air than the 48" version. Note: As with all of our aircraft the HP60 is not intended as a first glider


Kit Includes:
o (1) 1.9lb Density EPP Wing Pre-Cored for the Provided Lead Balance Weight
o (2) Tapered Carbon Spars
o (1) 15" T6-6061 Aluminum/Steel Joiner
o (1) Molded Fin Mount
o (1) 12" Solid Carbon Fin Boom
o (2) 30.5" Weight-Matched Balsa Elevons
o (2) 2-5/8" Fixed Center Elevons
o (2) 30.5" Basswood Drag Spars
o (1) 1/4" x 5" Triangular Basswood Gusset
o (2) 1/8" x 4" Tapered Basswood Gussets
o (6) 3/8" x 3/8" x 3" Balsa Spar Cap Weight Shims
o (2) Foam Tip Inserts
o (2) 3/16" x 4" x 10" Balsa Fin Sheets
o (2) Elevon Control Horn Sets / 4 Machine Screws
o (2) Du-Bro EZ Connectors
o (2) Steel Clevises
o (2) End-Threaded Control Rods
o (1) Comprehensive Instruction Manual with Detailed Graphics
Span: 60"
Wing Area: 525 Sq. In.
Average Unballasted Flying Weight
: 40 Ounces

Max Ballast Tube Diameter: 9/16" x 12" length:
(Our Universal Ballast Kit will work perfectly with the HP60)

Transmitter Requirements: Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Berg Hitec Micro or smaller (end-plugs best).
Servos: (2) HS-85MG or beefier!
Battery: 600mAh Nicad flat pack (KR600AE) which weighs approx. 95 grams or
1000-1200mAh NiMH - similar weight.

Materials Needed:

Gorilla Glue 
Epoxy: 5 & 20 Minute
Slow J-B Weld Epoxy Resin for spar joiner
Goop Shoe Goo or Similar Clear Gel Glue (optional)
Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate (Thick C.A.)
Strapping Tape (1" or 2" will work)
Masking Tape 
3M77 or Similar Spray Adhesive
Drywall Screen and/or Misc. Sandpaper
Lightweight Spackle
Several Small Disposable Brushes
Ultracote / Oracover Covering Material
2" Clear Poly Tape (we like Manco with the duck)
(2) 6" Servo Lead Extensions (likely)