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The MiniQ 32inch Moulded Glider

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New in the MiniQ is an exceptionally well priced delta wing designed to fly as a glider or electric HOT wing the kit includes a dummy nose piece or motor mount plate so you can decide which!


All glass moulded with living hinged gap sealing flaps, light and strong build with plenty of space accessed by the canopy for your RC gear and battery. A straight forward installation with only 2 x micro 9gram servos required





Wing span:80cm




Recommended configuration:

Powered version:

Motor :2207 2650kv

Propeller :6x4

Battery :2S 1200

Servo :9g mini servo

CG range:20mm to 22mm, reflex 2mm to 3mm

Throws: Aileron: UP 3mm

       Elevator: DOWN 5mm


Glider Setup:

CG range 10mm to 20mm

Reflex 2mm to 3mm