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T9HobbySport MKS T-Shirt

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The New T9HobbySport Spring 2014 Apparel collection!

Knock 'em dead at the club field or local slope.

This years T9HobbySport Spring Apparel Collection offers a stunning range of a whole two t-shirts. Two different colours, in two distinct (but by the same token, also vaguely similar) designs, but guaranteed to satisfy the sartorial requirements for any formal occasion.

'Reckless' Navy Blue and 'Out There' Grey - are both decorated with artwork developed from this years Royal Academy submission by those infamous urban guerrilla street artists Bago and Wright. (Watch 'yer back Banksie.)


  • Allegedly 100% cotton with a minimal amount of dodgy chemicals
  • All artwork spelt correctly
  • Guaranteed sweatshop produced
  • Environmentally irresponsible
  • Manufactured from totally non-renewable resources
  • Utterly unique - except amongst those that have also got one
  • Donation from each purchase to a variety of oppressive regimes
  • Deffo unisex - lest the laydeez feel left out

Recommended care:

  • Avoid Madras Curry dribbles
  • Wash when the item gets smelly
  • Do NOT boil when in use - in fact, EVER
  • Stop ironing IMMEDIATELY if burning occurs or anything melts

All items from the collection are limited editions, limited merely by the number of orders received.

Get yours NOW - before the authorities close in.

Wide range of sizes. "Can I finish 'yer chips" Medium, "It's medium really" Large and the ever popular 'Salad Dodger's' Extra Large.

Please note: The illustrations are the artwork designs 'cos we haven't read the instruction book for our new camera yet.

(Award winning copywriting by courtesy of the best part of a bottle of Famous Grouse and many bowls of well-known brand nibbles)