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Robbe Amplitude ARF Moulded Hotliner Glider

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Robbe Amplitude ARF GFK/CFK Hotliner

The AMPLITUDE is a modern hotliner in GRP / CFRP negative airframe construction with first-class all-round flight characteristics and an exceptional design with high visibility in flight.
In addition to the ailerons, the wing, reinforced with carbon fiber, also has flaps that are hinged on the bottom wing edge. This allows both maneuverability and slow flight characteristics to be optimized. Landing becomes child's play with the butterfly braking, even in tight spaces.

The fuselage is designed to be extremely spacious under the wing to accommodate larger batteries for high-performance propulsion. CfK reinforcements laminated in crossweave and lengthways ensure high strength.
With the drive a good motor upfront, breathtaking climbs can be achieved.

Deep space overflights at high speed are spectacular and demonstrate the capabilities of the model.
The AMPLITUDE can also be flown softly and is happy to soar on thermals. The model is therefore also suitable for a more comfortable all-round operation




  • large volume fuselage for large batteries
  • 4-flap wing with flaps!
  • eye-catching modern design with extremely good visibility
  • very many CFRP reinforcements, therefore high strength
  • three M3 flat screws with the same wrench size
  • Length 1.04m
  • Profile: MH-30
  • 4-flap wing (ailerons and flaps)
  • Empty weight approx. 780g
  • All-up weight approx. 1590g


Technical specifications:
Span (mm):                       1800
All-up weight approx. (G): 1590
Empty weight approx. (G): 725
Manufacturer:                    seal
Length (mm):                     1040
Hull:                                   GRP / CFRP
Surfaces:                           GRP / CFRP
Recommended battery:     4S / 3200-4000mAh LiXX
Recommended motor:      Robbe X36-800
Kit:                                     ARF - ALMOST READY TO FLY
Drive type:                         Electric
Profile:                               MH-30
Flight experience:              Advanced
Construction experience:   Advanced
Kit details:
  • Amplitude ARF full GRP model
  • GfK / CfK hull
  • GfK / CfK area
  • GfK / CfK tailplane
  • Small parts (control horns, clevises, rods, covers, etc.)
  • Instructions in German / English / French


Needed to complete:

Servos, wire harnes

Motor and ESC, battery