Premium Sport 4.8v 1600 2/3 AF RX pack Pointy Versions

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Really tight for space and need power?  Using the identical high quality cells and construction as the standard flat pack, these alternative shapes offer even better accommodation for gliders with long, thin, pointy noses.

Double the discharge rate of AA cells.
High voltage. High power. 20A discharge capability.
Standard charge at 160mA.  Fast charge at 2A

3 plus 1 configuration pack:
Length 83mm
Width 30mm (including wiring and heatshrink)
Thickness 17mm

2 plus 2 configuration pack:
Length 93mm
Width 30mm (including wiring and heatshrink)
Thickness 17mm

Voltage 4.8
Cell Number 4
Battery Capacity 1600
Chemistry Nimh
Cell Size 2/3 AF
Approx weight 97gm
Watt Hours (Wh) 7.7

Fitted with a standard JR type RX plug on high quality silicone insulated lead.