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NCFM Universal Brass Ballast Kit

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Consisting of a brass tube that can house a number of 1″ brass slugs. The tube is closed at the ends with molded plastic end caps.
Included in the kit are  wooden dowel spacers (they can act as fillers if less that 11 slugs are loaded) 1/16″ & 1/8″ balsa sheeting (used in installation of the ballast tube in) and installation instructions.


This is an “End-Loaded” system, and does not require Dremel-notching an access bay in the brass. Rather, a small access cavity is routed in the wing, at one end of the tube, and utilized to load and unload ballast, via one of the provided end caps. For flight, the cavity is filled with a small piece of balsa, hardwood or foam plug (not included), and taped over to keep everything snug.


The Moth, M60, Halfpipe and HP60 ballast kits have 12″ long brass tubes, 11 lead slugs and 7 wooden dowel spacers. For the 48″ Halfpipe, the outer tube would need be cut down to 9″ and a maximum of 8 slugs can be loaded.