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The Moth is one of the most versatile 48" EPP flying wings available. It can be bungee launched and specked in flatland thermals slam a turn and fire out the other side in slope competition or dropped into the backside for high speed dynamic soaring. Combine that with the "bounce-n-toss" durability of EPP foam and The Moth has proven to be a serious racing contender DS screamer and an all around blast to fly!

o Excellent spiral stability
o Extremely fast and agile
o Fast and stable DSer
o Great inverted flight
o Highly responsive
o Aerobatic in light lift
o Excellent thermal machine!!!
o "EPP durable"
Kit Includes:
o Carbon fiber wing spar system
o 1.9lb EPP fuselage with fiberglass longeron
o 1.3lb Precision-cut "de-slagged" EPP foam wing
o Quality consistent weight balsa elevon material
o Basswood drag spars
o Basswood drag spar joiner
o All control horns and linkages
o Comprehensive manual with detailed graphics

Span: 48"
Wing Area: 336 Sq.In. 
Typical Unballasted Flying Weight
: 15-17 Ounces

Transmitter & Flight Gear Recommendations:
Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Hitec Micro 555 or smaller.
Servos: (2) HS-85MG or similar size.
Battery: 2/3AA Flat Pack or similar/smaller physical size.