NCFM Halfbad

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The Halfbad is a Mini Sloper that delivers a ton of fun in a tiny package! It was designed by Troy Churchill who took it on as a challenge when he was told that 24″ wings can’t fly well. Inspired by the NCFM Halfpipe he set out to produce a mini EPP wing “that had inverted flight with little input was acrobatic fast and flew in light wind oh and would be a fast build!” We think he succeeded as the Halfbad has found it's way into the quiver of quite a few slopers with much bigger toys.

Judging from it’s appearance it is hard to imagine the Halfbad would be capable of delivering impressive speed.  But if you have seen it fly along side whatever you were flying you would know that it can keep up pretty well with the faster ships and nip at their heels.  The thin airfoil is extremely efficient and once “on step” it is fun to watch it dart across the sky

Whether you toss your Halfbad because the wind died down a bit and the bigger planes have to be grounded or you like to take advantage of the high lift and engage in aerbatic carzyness this glider will deliver fun and leave a smile on your face.  Nothing is more relaxing than flying an inexpensive and hard-to-destroy plane with reckless abandon.



The kit quality as always is top-notch:
The balsa elevons are laser cut with the Halfbad name laser-etched on top;  CNC machined hotwire-cut and “de-slagged” wing cores are true and smooth tip fins are already cut and ready to mount.
Note: The Halfbad is even easier to build than our other kit's. However it still does require precision in the building and trimming process if good performance is expected. Your transmitter must have Elevon Mixing with End-Point and/or Dual Rate adjustments. Given the thinness of the airfoil you will need a relatively low-profile receiver with end-plugs (vs. top-mount) .
•Easy and fast to build
•Easy to pack and transport
•Light air performance
•Effortless inverted flight
•Highly aerobatic
•Very responsive
•Extremely Durable
Span: 24″
Wing Area: 160 Sq. In.
Average Flying Weight: 4 to 5 Ounces
R/C  Requirements:
Transmitter: Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Most of the recent low profile end-plug types / 1/2″or thinner
Servos: (2) HS-55MG HXT900 or similar size.
Battery Pack: 1/3 AAA 200mAh Nimh.
Kit Includes:
• Precision-cut & cleaned 1.9lb EPP foam wing cores
• Precision-cut coroplast tip fins
• Quality weight matched balsa elevons with laser-etched logo
• Control rods and laser-cut plywood control horns
• Instruction manual and decal
You need:
• Wing covering (Ultracote or packing tape)
• Onboard flight pack (Receiver Battery servos and switch)
• Building material (glue epoxy balsa tape etc.)