NCFM Bluto

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 NCFM Bluto
The Bluto has the distinction of being in research and development longer than any of NCFMs world-famous models. Conceived by legendary designer Harris Nelson and built first in 2001 it is literally the precursor to all "Deta Nose" planks in production. 
Ironically The Bluto was never released for sale in it's original form.
You heard it right! The Blutos you might have owned seen or heard about were not the original Bluto. They were either a Bluto56 or a Bluto48 the smaller single fin variants that quickly became popular with the racing crowd. Click here to read about the history
Thats why the model you see here is not the New Bluto. It is THE BLUTO!
And to those tempted to think of it as "just another wing" we respectfully ask that you withhold judgement until youve had a few laps at the sticks! 
After 10 years The Bluto is ready for primetime in it's original format: A 60" span straight leading edge twin fin racer. The Bluto has the same tapered carbon spar system as the HP60 and uses the same familiar building techniques common to all NCFM models. Whats new is a fin mounting system that is effective strong and versatile.
Far from compromising the strength and rigidity of the wing it adds to it and allows the twin fins to be mounted in a position away from harm during landing and impossible to twist in the circuit.
The Bluto is a 3-servo plank that gives you flexibility in setting up the controls:
keep the pitch control restricted to the elevator and enjoy relaxed flying or mix elevator control to the ailerons and bang turns faster than youve ever did. Either way any of the modern computer R/C systems is capable of delivering the programmable mixes required.
Shorter control surfaces (compared to full length elevons) are less prone to twist deliver more precise control and are easier to modify if you are inclined to put the Bluto through the Dynamic Soaring (DS) circuit. 
The thorough and clear instructions make quick work of the build and soon you'll be standing on the edge ready to toss your new pride and joy!
If your intended mission is relaxed flying youve probably built it light around 38 ounces and covered it with Ultracote. But if youre standing at the near-pole of the Man-on-Man race or on the saddle of your secret DS spot youre most likely holding a 60 ounce monster thats covered in plastic laminate and has a belly full of lead!
Either way The Bluto will show you top speeds youve never before experienced in this class and energy retention that puts more sophisticated gliders to shame.
This plane is intended strictly for medium to heavy air. Although a lightly built Bluto can fly on small slopes an average built one will need strong lift to perform it's magic.
We strongly recommend that you think of your first Bluto as the "Big Hill" plank you
aways wanted. After youve enjoyed yourself but not before you wipe that smile off you might want to treat yourself to a light Bluto. Thats fine with us because we know that you know how to build your new toy light. And if this means you'll end up retiring your other "light slopers".....oh well....so be it!
We must however remind you that as with all of our aircraft the Bluto is not intended as a first airplane.
Kit Includes:
o (4) Wing Cores (1.9lb Density EPP Pre-Cored for the required Lead Balance Weight and the optional Ballast Tube
o (2) Wing Spars (27” carbon shafts)
o (1) Spar Joiner (15" T6-6061 Aluminum)
o (3) Elevons (24.5” Weight-matched balsa)
o (3) Drag Spars (1/4”x1/8”x 24.5” basswood)
o (2) 1/4" x 8 " Basswood Drag Spar Joiners (shaped)
o (4) Tapered Gussets (1/8” x 4-1/2” Basswood)
o (4) Ribs (1/16” laser-cut plywood)
o (2) Fin Tangs (1/16” laser-cut plywood)
(3) Elevon Control Horn Sets
o (6) Machine Screws
o (6) Black Steel Clevises
o (3) Control Rods (3” long threaded rods)
o (8) Lead Slugs (Balance Weight 4 Per Side)
o (2) Spar Channel Tip inserts (3” long EPP strips)
o (6) Spar Weighting Caps (3”x3/8”x3/8” Balsa)
o (2) HardPoints (graduated aluminum discs)
o (1) Comprehensive Instruction Manual with Detailed Graphics
o (2) Fin Material (1/16”x 4”x 16” balsa sheets)
o 1 Instruction Manual DVD
1 Copy of Diagram “C” (wingtip and fin plans)
Span: 60"
Wing Area: 452 Sq. In.
Average Unballasted Flying Weight: 40 Ounces
Max Optional Ballast Tube Capacity: Two 6 " x 12" length filled with 12 oz of lead
(Order the Bluto Ballast Kit)
Transmitter Requirements: Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Berg Hitec Micro or smaller (end-plugs best).
Servos: 2 to 3 HS-85MG or beefier!
Battery: 600mAh Nicad flat pack (KR600AE) which weighs approx. 95 grams or
1000-1200mAh NiMH - similar weight.
Materials Needed:
Gorilla Glue 
Epoxy: 5 & 20 Minute
Slow J-B Weld Epoxy Resin for spar joiner
Goop Shoe Goo or Similar Clear Gel Glue (optional)
Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate (Thick C.A.)
Strapping Tape (1" or 2" will work)
Masking Tape 
3M77 or Similar Spray Adhesive
Drywall Screen and/or Misc. Sandpaper
Lightweight Spackle
Several Small Disposable Brushes
Ultracote / Oracover Covering Material
2" Clear Poly Tape (we like Manco with the duck)
(3) 6" Servo Lead Extensions