MVVS 4.6/840 Brushless Motor

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AXi 2826/12 eqivalent 600 size inrunner/outrunner brushless motor with 5mm shaft. MVVS motors offer high levels of durability as the hardened 5mm shaft running in precision ball races is supported directly in the ends of the motor case. These motors are unbelievably smooth running as a result of the dynamic balancing. We are particularly excited about the fact that MVVS motors require no specialist techniques for servicing and all spares are readily available. MVVS electric motors are produced along with their model engine range at Brno in the Czech Republic.

Technical Data: 
RPM/Volt 840
Case diameter 35mm
Case length 545mm
Nominal voltage 14V
Shaft diameter 5mm
Number of poles 12
Working voltage 8-18V
Recommended current loading 25-37A
Max. load capability 45A/30s
Number of NiCd/Lixx cells 7-15/3-5 
Weight 206g
Test Figures:
MVVS 46/840 with 4S Shark POWER 3700XP Li-Po
10x 7 APC-E 29A 9900 rpm
11x7 APC-E 34A 9300 rpm
12x6 APC-E 38.5A 9000 rpm
12x8 APC-E 44A 8400 rpm
MVVS 46/840 with 10 cell GP2200 NiMh
(3 Series LiPo equivalent)
12x6 APC-E 27A 7600 rpm
12x8 APC-E 31A 7200 rpm
13x8 APC-E 38A 6900 rpm
13x10 APC-E 44A 6300 rpm
MVVS 46/840 with 8 x Puffin Hi-Flow 3000 NiMh (3 Series A123 equivalent)
12x8 APC-E 23A 6300 rpm
13x8 APC-E 26A 5900 rpm
13x10 APC-E 31A 5400 rpm
Test figures are approximate and not taken with calibrated instruments. Figures will vary with controller settings batteries used and state of battery charge.
We recommend Jeti controllers on hard timing for the best results with MVVS electric motors.