MVVS 2.5/1480 Junior Brushless Motor

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AXi 2814/10 equivalant 36mm diameter lightweight inrunner/outrunner brushless motor with 4mm shaft. MVVS electric motors are particularly suited for use in electric powered gliders. This new design offers high levels of durability as the hardened 4mm shaft running in precision ball races is supported directly in the ends of the motor case. We are particularly excited about the fact that MVVS motors require no specialist techniques for servicing and all spares are readily available. MVVS electric motors are produced along with their model engine range at Brno in the Czech Republic.

Technical data:

RPM/Volt 1480
Diameter 36mm (plus rear flange)
Length 37mm
Shaft diameter 4mm
Shaft length 18mm
Weight 109g
Normal voltage range 8-12v
Maximum efficiency current 15-30A
Maximum current 35A/30s

Suggested use:
Pylon Racer 4LiPo 9x4
Aerobatic to 12kg 3 LiPo 85x6
Trainer to 12kg 2 LiPo 105x7
Glider to 12kg 2 LiPo 105x6-7
Hotliner to 11kg 3 LiPo Graupner CAM 9x5