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Multiplex Aero-Tow Coupling 723470

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Multiplex Aero-Tow Coupling

MPX Part no. 723470

A simple, efficient and reliable method of connecting the aero-tow cable to the nose of a glider for aero-towing, without compromising the looks of that gorgeous nose.

The operating principle has been popular for years. Just attach a loop of thin nylon cord to the towline - nothing extra that could easily get lost at the flying field is required. To operate the release, all you need is a low-cost standard servo and a length of 1.2 mm Ø steel rod running in a snake outer sleeve.  The pics tell the story.

The housing is made of eloxided (..  ..) aluminium, and the unit is simply glued in the nose of the glider using thickened epoxy.

Whatever eloxiding is (I did try a search and suspect it may be similar to anodising), it's simply a beautifully finished and very strong but lightweight component.

Hole required: 10 / 12 mm Ø, length 25 mm.