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MKS HBL6625 HV Wing Servo

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The MKS HBL6625 Wing Servo.

High voltage, brushless, powerful - and the wing servo of choice for the F3f World Record Holder!

MKS World Record

Torque:  8.2 kg-cm (6.0V)   /   9.6 kg-cm (7.4V)  /   10.4 kg-cm (8.2V)

Speed:  0.16 s  (6.0V)   /   0.127 s (7.4V)  /   0.11 s (8.2V)

Weight: 27.85 g

Dimension:30 x 10 x 35.5 mm
Working Voltage:4.8~8.4 V DC Volt (2S Lipo un-regulated)
Working frequency:1520μs / 333hz
Dead Band:0.001 ms (Default)
Bearing:Dual Ball Bearings
Motor:Brushless Motor
Gear:Chrome-Titanium alloy gear