ISDT H605 Air Bluetooth App Charger

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A new way of controlling your battery charging. The iSDT H605 Air leaves all the control with your mobile device. Not only is this charger smart, it is also very compact (about pocket size). Not bad for a 50W 6S charger that handles LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd and Pb batteries.

Just plug it into a DC power source (10~27V) and load the APP on your mobile device, connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to charge. Those with BattGo Lipo batteries you only need to press the button and it will automatically charge. Or you can control or check all the settings from your mobile device.

Get this new, easy to use experience in battery charging. Get the iSDT H605 Air now.



• Smart and compact
• 50W / 6S balance charger
• Wireless Mobile APP controlled charger (Bluetooth connection)
• APP supports multiple H605 Air chargers
• Supports Android and IOS systems
• Fully silent aluminum cooling
• BattGo supported batteries charge with one press
• XT60 connector
• USB output



Input voltage range: DC 10~27V
Output voltage range: 0.5~28V
Output current range: 0.1~5.0A
Max output power: 50W
Support battery types: LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv (1-6S), NiMH/Cd (1-16S), Pb (1-12S)
Balance port: 6S
Balance current: 250mA
USB output port: 5V/1A
System support: Android 5.0 / iOS 10.3 and above version
Bluetooth Support: BLE 4.0 and above version
Size: 79x55.7x16.6mm
Weight: 71g