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ISDT FD-200 200W 25A Wireless Discharger

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The iSDT FD-200 smart battery discharger is the smart way to discharge Lipo batteries. You can discharge 2~8S batteries with complete control using the GO APP on your phone.


The FD-200 also has LED indicators to easily show how your discharge is going. When discharging batteries there is a lot of heat produced and ISDT has built this unit to easily dissipate this heat. There is a pure aluminum passive heat sink and aluminum alloy housing combined with a high-speed ball shaft fan to remove the heat in an effective way.


To ensure the best settings for discharge use the Go APP on your phone to set up the appropriate parameters to ensure the most efficient and safe discharge.




  • LED indicator
  • High cooling efficiency
  • APP control
  • Bluetooth support
  • Android 5.0 / IOS 10.3 and above




  • Max discharge power: 200W
  • Input voltage: 7~35V
  • Discharge current: 5/10/15/20/25A
  • Support cells: 2~8S
  • Complete automatic power-off: Support
  • Cell number setting error alarm: Support
  • Abnormal battery voltage alarm: Support
  • Transfer efficiency ≥93.2% @220VAC @65A
  • System support: Android 5.0/IOS 10.3 above
  • Bluetooth support: BLE4.0 above
  • Size: 140x60x100mm
  • Weight: 790g