Frsky Redundancy Bus-10

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Frsky have developed redundancy fuctions into a new smaller unit easier to house in your model, its unique switchboard module will operate 2 receivers and 2 batteries to provide you with total peace of mind when flying your model. You can also run your servos from the switchboard with complete protection from high voltage overload. The Redundancy Bus also supports Smart Port telemetry for your Taranis/Horus and will provide telemetry feedback for voltage and overload indication.


  • Recommended input voltage range: 4-8.4V
  • Number of servos: up to 8
  • Operating temperature range: - 20~75°C
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dimension: 63x27x10.5mm


  • Overload protection on each channel and RXS
  • Dual power dual receiver double guarantee (connect up to 2 batteries and 2 receivers)
  • 50Hz mode of servo outputs (20ms period) or equal to the input of SBUS cycle
  • Integrated S.Port telemetry feedbacks (including voltage, overload indication, etc)
  • Servo signal output period settable
  • High voltage servos supported
  • Compact size and firmware upgradable