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The FrSky 900MHz /868MHz R9 MM-FC (OMNINXT F7) is developed based on the newly designed NXT architecture. It is integrated with the R9 MM receiver mounted in a protection box, and uses the trusty MPU6000 Gyro with an additional ICM20608 on top. With the onboard dampening box, the gyros run perfectly on 32k loop time. The NXT also comes with 2 different BECs and 6 UARTs.


The R9 MM-FC (OMNINXT F7) supports 3-6s Lipo direct input, built-in BEC for camera / VTX and Power Filter. This FC is designed to be able to pair with 4in1 ESCs to form a powerful combo, and also has pins for individual ESCs.




  • R9 MM Receiver
  • STM32 F7 MCU Processor
  • Gyro #1: MPU6000 8kHz
  • Gyro #2: ICM20608 32kHz
  • Integrated PDB & OSD (SPI/DMA)
  • 6 UART Ports
  • Direct plug-in 3-6S Lipo
  • 5V 1000mA BEC
  • 8V 1000mA BEC with LC filter
  • 3V max. 200mA





  • F7 MCU processors
  • FrSky R9 MM receiver in protection box
  • Two gyros onboard: MPU6000 for sampling up to 8khz and ICM20608 for sampling up to 32khz
  • 30.5×30.5mm Mounting holes
  • Supports 3-6S Lipo
  • More caps to reduce power noise
  • Built-in sensor damper
  • Built-in 5V 1A BEC output (Buck)
  • Built-in 8V 1A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX (Buck)
  • STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode (Betaflight OSD)
  • Port for easy connection to 4-in-1 esc (SH1.0 8P)
  • Solder pads added for VTXand Camera Control (next to Video pads)