FrSky MC12P-R Gimbal for Horus X10

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Horus X10 Upgraded gimbal with shorter throttle throw



Model Name:  MC12P-R Gimbal
Rated Voltage:  DC 5~±0.5V
Supply Current:  6 mA typ.
Resolution:  12Bit overall resolution
PWM Output Frequency:  244 Hz
Output Duty:  15%-85%
Sensitivity:  ±0.2%~±6%/Mt



● CNC gimbal with 10 ball-bearings
● Hall sensor with higher accuracy
● Adjustable tension
● Easily enable/disable centering and ratcheting on each stick
● 45° throttle travel for quick throttle response
● Ideal for FPV racing, 3D and acrobatic fixed wing, 3D heli.