FrSky Delta 8 Hitec FHSS Compatible 2.4Ghz Receiver

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Delta-8 Not only is it the first Hitec FHSS compatible, but it is also the first time anyone has a single receiver that supports 3 different protocols! Binding is simple, and the receiver automatically locks into the correct protocol. As an option, you can use jumpers to lock it into your protocol.

 If that was not enough, this receiver also features CPPM and RSSI output options. CPPM allows you to feed all 8 channels through a single servo connector and is great for Flybarless helicopters and other flight controllers (such as Quads).RSSI output is great for sending your signal strength indicator to an onboard video system.These are advanced features you typically have to pay a premium for elsewhere.


Fully compatible with 3 different brands of radio control equipment – Futaba, Hitec and FrSky


Weight 9.3g

Operating Voltage Range 3.0v to 16.0v