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Electronic Centre Of Gravity Gauge

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Extended Arm kit now available for bigger models


The Electronic Centre Of Gravity Gauge, 8kg and 4kg version now with WiFi designed for F3X models, made from a 3D printed frame housing sensors that accurately measures weight and CG position from the leading edge. Battery operated with LCD screen displaying weight in grams and the CG position in mm and available in 3 versions, 4KG and 8KG, 2kg for F3K models


A Perfect tool for replicating CG and weight to owners of 2 or more of the same model used for competition, also a good tool for checking ballast weight positions to change or maintain CG position.


4KG is more sensitive ideally for F3K and F3J models, minimum wing root cord width of 132mm

8KG for F3F and sports models, minimum wing root cord width of 155mm

2KG for F3K or smaller models, minimum root cord 132mm


(Cradle size can accommodate a module fuselage size up to 52mm across)